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Follow the steps of St Ignatius de Loyola.
4 nights - 5 days
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Follow the steps of St Ignatius de Loyola.
9 nights - 10 days
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Follow the steps of St Ignatius de Loyola.
9 nights - 10 days

Follow the footsteps of San Ignacio de Loyola

Loyola San IgnacioRecreate the route that Ignacio de Loyola, being a gentleman, traveled the year 1522 from Loyola to Manresa. In 1522 Ignacio de Loyola traveled from his house in Loyola to Montserrat and Manresa, not far from Barcelona. His pilgrimage of almost a month changed his life. His subsequent projects helped transform the world.

The Camino Real that Ignatius followed after his stay in Navarrete coincides with what we now call the “Camino de Santiago” that travels through Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre and La Rioja. We do not know how many pilgrims to Santiago crossed with Ignatius, but he had to feel more than once “against the current,” as he marched in the opposite direction to the pilgrims to Compostela. A very characteristic feature of Ignacio was to respect the conscience and the way of each one, but if he had to go “against”, he did not doubt it, he did it to the greater glory of God, as well as everything that he undertook.

We propose to live the experience of Ignacio, in a sense. You will cross with other pilgrims, because his is also our way … but in the opposite direction to the yellow arrows that point to Santiago and that you will find in your journey. Like Ignacio de Loyola, we are looking for another horizon, another destiny. Maybe we want to get to Jerusalem, like him, why not? But before that, we encourage you to go to Manresa, to the Cave, and to make Ignacio a stop in your life, to discover how God teaches to walk “as if he were our teacher”, taking us by the hand.

For Ignatius, Jerusalem was the land of Jesus, a way of establishing a closer relationship with him, of confirming his personal attachment to the lived experience of the Spiritual Exercises. It is not a mere assimilation of evangelical values ​​or an attractive project to improve our world. What Ignatius wants is a serious commitment to the “service of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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Biografía del personaje

  • Saint Ignatius of Loyola

    ignatiusSpanish Priest, Founder of the Jesuit Company . A bulwark of truth and order before Protestantism. San Ignacio was probably born in 1491 in the castle of Loyola in Azpeitia , town of Guipúzcoa, near the Pyrenees. His father, Don Bertrán, was lord of Ofiaz and Loyola, head of one of the oldest and nobles families of the region. And the lineage of his mother, Marina Sáenz de Licona and Balda, was no less illustrious. Iñigo (for that was the name the saint received at baptism) was the youngest of the eight children and three daughters of the noble couple. Íñigo fought against the French in the north of Castile.

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  • Saint Francis Xavier

    francisco_javierHe was born in 1506 in the Navarrese town of Javier (Spain) . From a wealthy family, he studied at the new university in Paris. There he coincided with Íñigo de Loyola , who will undermine Javier's student spirit to finally convince him of the temporality of the earthly goods ("Javier, what is the use of winning the world if you lose your soul" ) and of the enormous work that remained to bring the goods of Christ to all peoples. With overwhelming energy, he works in the foundation of the Company of Jesus (the Jesuits) and begins an untiring work of evangelization. His journey will take him half a world, from the Cape of Good Hope to India or Japan, leaving deep traces in all the cities he trod. Desiring to continue to spread the message of Jesus, he died at the gates of China on that day, as today, in 1552. He is the patron of the missions and of the Foral Community of Navarre.

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  • Spiritual Exercises

    The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola are an ordered sequence of meditations and contemplations - exercises - that arise from the deep spiritual experience that the saint lives from his conversion; His goal is to help those who exercise in them to discover the will of God for their life. The Exercises go back to the Notebook in which Ignatius describes his spiritual experiences during his visit to the city of Manresa, where, as he writes in his Autobiography, "God treated him in the same way that a school teacher treated a Child, teaching him "

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  • Pilgrimage through the past

    Some chronological tracks in the life of Ignacio
    • 1491: Born in Loyola (Basque Country)
    • 1521, May: He is wounded in the battle of Pamplona. Recovery and convalescence at his home in Azpeitia. Conversion.
    • 1522: Stay of Ignacio in Manresa.
    • 1523: Stay of Ignatius in Jerusalem.
    • 1524-1527: Studies in Barcelona, Salamanca and Alcalá.
    • 1528-1535: Stay in Paris. First classmates.
    • 1537, June: Priest is ordained in Venice.
    • 1540: Recognition of the Society of Jesus by Paul III.
    • 1548: Approval by Pope Paul III of the Spiritual Exercises.
    • 1553-1555: Relates his life to his secretary. The Autobiography is written.
    • 1556, July 31: Ignacio de Loyola dies in Rome.
  • Historical context: Ignacio de Loyola and his pilgrimage 1522

    Ignacio was born in Loyola, probably in 1491, in the bosom of a noble family, in the Basque Country. He is the youngest of thirteen brothers. In 1521 falls wounded during the defense of Pamplona, in front of the French troops. During the period of recovery and convalescence in the family home there is a deep spiritual transformation in him, which he calls his conversion, which leads him to abandon what had hitherto constituted his life, and to dedicate himself from that moment to seek the will of God.

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